BIOcomposites in smart plastic transformation processes to pave the way for the large-scale UPTAKE of sustainable bio-based products


The general objective of Bio-Uptake project is to ensure a sustainable uptake (increase the use in a 39%) of bioplastic composites through boosting a twin green and digital transformation in the European manufacturing industry. Bio-Uptake solution will focus scientific and technology efforts on developing flexible manufacturing processes to produce biobased end-products for the construction, medical and packaging sectors based on the combination of intermediate formats made of natural and/or biobased synthetic fibers reinforced with biopolymers, which are easily adaptable to new market demands.

To do so, project beneficiaries will pursue the following Specific Objectives (SO)

To develop 3 disruptive innovative manufacturing processes for bio-based products with a better overall performance of the current fossil-based alternatives

One for thermoset composites, one for highly customized thermoplastics and one for one-shot large volume thermoplastics.

To adapt and upgrade 6 conformal manufacturing technologies

Filament extrusion, extrusion-compounding, resin impregnation, press consolidation, thermoforming and over-injection, that constitutes the manufacturing processes for deploying biobased materials to substitute traditional materials.

To implement a smart digital end-to-end platform for manufacturing biobased materials

Design, modelling, process simulation, in-line monitoring and quality diagnosis, to ensure product quality and process interoperability required to optimize and upgrade each manufacturing process being demonstrated for each user case and its scalability to any other manufacturing process.

To develop and validate 4 new biobased intermediate formats or semi-finished products
  • endured thermoset organosheets
  • monocomponent & bicomponent thermoplastic organosheets
  • unidirectional tapes
  • thermoplastic pellets or granulates.
To demonstrate the Bio-Uptake solution in 3 manufacturing value chains (VC)
  • construction
  • medical
  • packaging
To develop 3 end-products

Bathroom ceiling cabinet, feet orthosis and garbage container lid, that are made of more than 75% biobased materials and to validate the technical and environmental requirements.

To demonstrate product circularity

Reusability, remanufacturability and/or recyclability, by validating their demanufacturing process (due to reversible dynamic chemicals (CANs) and aided by eco-design principles.

To create 2 training programs

For upskilling professionals in circular economy and smart & green manufacturing practices: one for young generations of scientists & engineers and one for industrial workforce.

To contribute to the standardization

Applied to the 3 manufacturing value chains driving biomaterials uptake.


BIOcomposites in smart plastic transformation processes to pave the way for the large-scale UPTAKE of sustainable bio-based products

Main results

To be announced