Our partners

Aitiip is a technology centre highly specialised in plastics processing and mould manufacturing. Aitiip provides technological knowledge to companies to improve their competitiveness and strengthen their innovation and development capabilities. To this aim, Aitiip has participated in more than 140 R&D&I public funded projects in the last 20 years, heavily focused on green transition and circular economy, new materials and recycling processes, advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0 and robotics.
Within Bio-Uptake project, Aitiip will lead the management and demonstration packages of innovative production systems for bio-based materials and products.

AIMEN Technology Centre, with more than 50 years of history, is currently a national and European benchmark in research, development and technological innovation in the areas of advanced manufacturing and laser manufacturing, digital technologies for manufacturing, smart materials, smart systems and recycling; as well as in the provision of differentiating technological services to the industry in the areas of manufacturing with advanced joining technologies, robotics and process digitization, a flexible cross-engineering service highly specialised in welding, corrosion, equipment calculation, product simulation and material tests.

Within Bio-Uptake project, AIMEN will lead the developments related to digital systems and interoperability and will participate in the Data analytics works.

Centexbel (BE) is a research organisation for textiles, plastics and composites. They will develop biobased filaments on pilot scale that will be used in the self-reinforced composites.

Cidetec Surface Engineering Institute is a key international player in research and innovation related to surface engineering and polymeric and composite materials. We specialise in processing surfaces and materials through disruptive technologies, ultimately aiming at technological transfer that will ensure the right solution for each customer. CIDETEC’s role in BIOUTAKE will be focused on the development of biobased "enduring prepregs" based on its own patented 3R technology.

COMFIL® (DK) a SME with more than 30 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of thermoplastic composite materials, such as hybrid yarns, fabrics, organo-sheets and more.

COMFIL® will provide its expertise in these fields and manufacture demonstrator.

IRIS Technology is Europe's leading engineering company in the manufacture and integration of turnkey photonics and artificial intelligence solutions. We provide real-time monitoring solutions with NIR technology, Raman spectroscopy, hyperspectral technology and machine vision for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and wood industries, among others. Within BioUptake, IRIS will develop different advanced solutions for the inline monitoring of key performance parameters in three bio-based manufacturing processes.

Moses Productos is a spin off of Aitiip Technology Centre, specialized in advanced manufacturing process, integral design and development of sustainable plastic. Moses is equipped with all the plastic transformation technologies such as injection, rotational molding, blow molding, thermoforming, injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding and sheet extrusion. Within Bio-Uptake project, Moses will develop one of the three demonstrators of the project: lid for garbage container.For this, he superimposes bioPA and carbon fiber composite pellets onto PLA organosheets with a reversible adhesive.  

Podcomp is one of Sweden’s largest composite manufacturers. Our main market is the construction sector and the largest product is bathroom modules. These are produced in series production, with a capacity of ~ 2500 bathrooms annually. Podcomp is involved in R&D both internal development and national and international research projects. In BioUptake Podcomp will develop one of the three demonstrators of the project: Ceiling for bathroom modules based on smart pre-preg composites, consisting of bioepoxy and flax, and produced by thermoset thermoforming.. The materials as well as the manufacturing method will be developed in the BioUptake Project

Dissemination and valorization of the results will be performed by Polymeris (FR), a cluster with a large EU network in the field of polymers and composites for various industrial sectors.

Simcon France is a company specialized in the field of polymer processing simulation for injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding processes. – Will oversee the simulations of the various shaping processes.

SPECIFIC POLYMERS is a French SME with 30 employees specialized in the custom design of polymers and innovative materials for academic and industrial research.
Green materials, sustainable chemistry and biomass valorization are fundamental aspects of SPECIFIC POLYMERS’ research and development activities.
In this project, SPECIFIC POLYMERS will develop tailor-made biobased reversible epoxy resins made with dynamic hardeners to be used as prepreg in fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPCs), as well as debondable adhesive.

The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, is legally designated as the National Standardization Body of Spain.
UNE is in charge of the standardization task in the project. This task contributes to the market update objectives of the project and with the successful commercialization of the BIO-UPTAKE innovative products.

UNE tasks are oriented to facilitate the acceptance and utilization by the make to f the developed solutions by using standards and the standardization system

The Bernal Institute at University of Limerick (UL) is a leading international research institute for the scientific design and manufacture of structured materials to meet global challenges, particularly in the areas of health, energy and the environment.

UL will be involved in the life cycle analysis and bio carbon fibre development work in BioUptake.