The general objective of Bio-Uptake project is to ensure a sustainable uptake (increase the use in a 39%) of bioplastic composites through boosting a twin green and digital transformation in the European manufacturing industry.

Bio-Uptake solution will focus scientific and technology efforts on developing flexible manufacturing processes to produce biobased end-products for the construction, medical and packaging sectors based on the combination of intermediate formats made of natural and/or biobased synthetic fibers reinforced with biopolymers, which are easily adaptable to new market demands.

Our project Latest news

Second meeting online

Our bi-annual meeting took place last week, online this time.

This was the right opportunity to discuss the initial results and those to come.

Next November, we will meet in Belgium. We are looking forward to seeing each other again.

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Online Event - 7th June 2023 - Workshop on BIO-UPTAKE solutions

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 through circular production models. The workshop focusses on the BIO-UPTAKE solution to produce biobased end-products, REDOL ecosystem to foster zero residues strategies and BIOECONOMY VENTURES to support bioeconomy initiatives.

First live meeting with all BIO-UPTAKE partners

After a few weeks working together on the BIO-UPTAKE project, we finally got together for our first face-to-face meeting at AITIIP, in Zaragosa (Spain). We were able to discuss the first milestones and future plans.

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